Discover the Path of Gods

Via degli Dei – Path of Gods is a 130-km ancient route, walked by thousands for centuries, connecting the city center of Bologna and Firenze through the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. The Etruscan and Romans had already used the road as a connection between the two cities. Although, it became a simple path in Medieval times, it’s still possible to admire traits of the Flaminia Militare road dating back to 187 BC.

Why Path of Gods?
Probably this ancient route - discovered by two mountain lovers Cesare Agostini and Franco Santi in 1979, 25th August - owes its name to the places names crossed by the path: Monte Adone (Adonis), Monzuno (Mons Junonis), Monte Venere (Venus) and Monte Luario (Lua).

How many days and when to walk the Path of Gods?
It’s a route of medium difficulty that can be covered by foot in 4 or more days (accordingly to walkers’ skills) or in 2 or more days by bike (accordingly to bikers’ skills). If you don’t have experience, skills and sense of direction, getting in touch with an expert guide is highly recommended.

The path is open all year long, but particular attention must be paid during the summer (high temperature) and winter (low temperature and snow) periods. Quick weather guide:

January: cold, there might be snow on hills and mountains.
February: cold, there might be snow on hills and mountains.
March: warm days, cold nights but be careful as there might be snow on hills and mountains.
April: warm days and cold nights. A great time to walk.
May: warm days and warm night. A great time to walk.
June: the perfect time to walk.
July: very hot
August: very hot during the day but chilly nights.
September: warm days and warm nights: a great time to walk.
October: a great time to walk. Warm days at the start of the month, cold nights. It might be rainy.
November: cold days and cold nights. It might be rainy.
December: cold and wet. It might be snowy.

Travel essentials 
40/50 litre backpack depending on the season: ankle shoes, technical trousers and trekking sticks; technical and anti blister socks; 2/3 microfiber t-shirt and a cotton t-shirt for the night; a sweater; a water-proof wind-proof breathable jacket; underwear and personal hygiene necessities. Gloves, gaiters and hat in winter; sunscreen, cap, sunglasses and water in summer.

For emergencies: bandages, patches and anti blister patches for any inconveniences


The nearest airport to Bologna is the international airport Guglielmo Marconi Airport.
The nearest railway station to Bologna is Bologna Centrale. Everyday 51 high speed trains connect Bologna to Firenze in only 35 minutes.

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